Solutions in USA

We are staffed by former U.S. Coast Guard officers so we know what they will look for and we can resolve issues prior to a USCG inspection. Furthermore, we will represent the owners when USCG boards for inspections and can negotiate amicable solutions. 

We are available to conduct investigations and interviews if there is an incident or issue that needs to be addressed promptly. We can also make recommendations and provide support for improvements in policies or procedures.

We specialize in helping the Maritime Shipping and Offshore Oil and Gas Industries respond to events and resolve regulatory issues.  With more than 36 years of experience and regulatory know-how, we can provide solutions that are cost effective and practical.  We understand that you don't need overly complicated solutions; you need to save costs and improve operational up-time.  Don't navigate through those treacherous regulatory waters alone.

We can complete company checklists and/or send detailed reports with photos.

Solving Regulatory Issues, Preparing Companies for Audits, Preparing Companies for Inspections, Drilling Rig Reactivation, Regulatory Training, Negotiating with Regulatory Authorities, Project Management, Marine Engineering, Maritime Consulting, Classification Society Rules, International Maritime Organization Regulations and Codes, Offshore Drilling and Production, and Public Speaking.